Right Fit Home Loans


Why Use Right Fit Home Loans?

Can you be sure your bank is giving you the best deal?

By using your Bank, you only have their best offer. Right Fit will provide you with a range of other Banks and Financial institutions to compare and get the best deal for you. We have a wealth of experience to draw on and will do everything we can to ensure you get the best deal available. Right Fit knows that everyone has a different situation, no matter how similar they may seem. We look closer, and make sure we get you the right solution to match your needs and goals.


Don’t you work for the banks?

No. At Right Fit we work for you and will have your needs at the centre of what we do, ensuring you get the Right Fit for what you are trying to achieve. Our loyalty is to YOU, our customers.


Will using you cost me anything?

The good news is no, in most cases there is no charge for our service. With Right Fit you get all the knowledge and experience but at no fee, as the cost is borne by the Financial Institutions. Having someone in your corner managing what is often the biggest purchase you will ever make is invaluable.


How personalised is the experience?

You get the benefit of dealing with one person who acts on your behalf and can manage the entire process for you. Right Fit will get you the best result, while saving you time and effort and giving you peace of mind.